Location: The stones


Metaphysical Attributes: Inspiration, understanding, confidence. Balances male/female energies and the mind.

Green Tourmaline: Creativity, prosperity, abundance. Represents life energy of plants. Excellent for people who work with herbs for healing. Enhances cooperation and healing. Opens the heart chakra. and corresponds to the astrological sign of Capricorn

Pink (light) Tourmaline: Love, spirituality, joy, peace, understanding. Corresponds to the heart chakra and crow-n chakra, and the astrological sign of Libra.

Watermelon Tourmaline: Activates the heart chakra, corresponds to the astrological signs of Virgo and Gemini.

Reputed Benefits: Aids balance of endocrine system. Aids sleep. Strengthens, vitalizes body/mind. Activates and enhances crystalline properties of body/mind. Aligns subtle bodies. Dispels fear and negative conditions. Strong protective influence. Concentration. inspiration. Enhances sensitivity and understanding. Powerful healer, highly electromagnetic. The various colors will activate and align corresponding chakras.
(Black Tourmaline/Schorl) Root chakra. (Watermelon Tourmaline/red/green) Root, Heart chakras.
(Green Tourmaline) Heart chakra.
(Blue Tourmaline/Indicolite) Throat. Third Eye chakras. (Red/Pink Tourmaline/Rubellite) Root, Heart chakras.