Location: The stones


Metaphysical Properties: Citrine is one of the only stones, which dissipates negative energy. and never requires cleansing or clearing. Warm energy. promotes optimism. Also attracts abundance, and is known as a "merchants' stone," to be placed in cash register or where one conducts business, to not only acquire positive wealth but to maintain it as well. Activates third chakra. Enhances body's healing energy. Good for mental focus. endurance, and self-esteem.
Citrine is the birthstone for November.

Corresponding Astrological signs: Gemini. Aries, Libra. and Leo.

Reputed Benefits: Acid indigestion, food disorders, allergies. Cleansing spleen. kidneys, liver, urinary system, intestines. Mental and emotional clarity, problem-solving, memory. willpower. optimism_ confidence, self-discipline. Reducing anxiety, fear. and depression.